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How effective are your tools? Use any of our business coaching tools, and combine it with your own business coaching methodology. Or, leverage our complete coaching system that includes business coaching most needed skills and a complete set of business coaching templates. However you choose to utilize these free tools you will be well on your way to developing your custom business coaching plan! 

Below are just a few of the free tools we are sharing. The tools are part of our complete business coaching program!

Hot Bio Template
  • Hot Bio Template: Use this template to build a bio that blows away the doubters and earns you the immediate respect and credibility you deserve. As discussed in our Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star ebook, this bio will turn your background into a compelling case for why your business coaching prospects must listen to you!
Business Coaching Objection Buster Cheat Sheet
  • Business Coaching Objection Buster Cheat Sheet: Designed to help you overcome with ease the most common objections to business coaching you’ll hear from prospects as discussed in our Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star ebook, this is the best resource available to win at the game of overcoming objections to business coaching!
Business Coaching Franchise Due Diligence Check List
  • Business Coaching Franchise Due Diligence Check List: Combined with our Business Coaching Franchise Buyer’s Guide ebook, this due-diligence checklist will help you unearth the most important facts on the business coaching franchise opportunity you’re exploring, before you invest your hard-earned money!
New Business Coaching Practice Start-Up Checklist
  • New Business Coaching Practice Start-Up Checklist: Combined with our How To Become a Business Coach ebook, this checklist will help you quickly accomplish all the bits and pieces involved in becoming a business coach and setting up a new business coaching practice from scratch!
​Business Coaching Practice Audit
  • Business Coaching Practice Audit: Combined with our Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star ebook, this audit will help you evaluate how effectively you’ve implemented the marketing and sales “Secrets” that all the business coaching gurus use to grow their business coaching firms.
Unlimited Marketing Budget Calculator
  • Unlimited Marketing Budget Calculator: This planning tool will assist you in creating a never-ending supply of leads for your coaching business as discussed in our Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star ebook. Based on the award-winning system that Eric Dombach used to build his million-dollar business coaching firm, this calculator will help you evaluate and optimize all your marketing campaigns!
Silver Bullet Cheat Sheet
  • Silver Bullet Cheat Sheet: This is a summary of the proven system that Eric Dombach developed for demonstrating the value of business coaching to prospects and then actually delivering the business coaching services. Use the 21 Silver Bullets as discussed in our Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star ebook to present your services in a compelling way and your bank account will thank you!
Sample Vision Book Template
  • Sample Vision Book Template: This resource will help you build a compelling vision for your life that drives you forward even in the most challenging of times. Use this yourself as discussed in our How To Become a Business Coach ebook and with your business coaching clients and watch motivation soar!
Sample Time Budget Template
  • Sample Time Budget Template: This resource will help you plan how to spend your time in a disciplined way. Just like we budget our money, we must budget our time. Use this to get control over how your time is being spent!

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Here's a few of our case studies using the Rock Star Coaching Model...

Patrick Rogers | Went from $1,000 to $17,000/month in just 4 months

I sat down the other day and literally almost started crying because of how much this is impacting me. I feel like a loaded weapon. I have another call tomorrow with a $10M company and not going in for less than $3,500 for 2-hour and 2,500 for the 1-hour coaching program.

Sabrina Reneé Kinckle | I Closed 6 Clients, A Total Of $9,900/Month Within 30 Days!

I have closed 6 new clients bringing in $9,900 in less than 30 days of starting and I am steadily building a pipeline that will ensure a continual pattern of revenue and profit growth for my company. It’s very clear that I’ll surpass my $250,000 goal, and I couldn’t be happier!

Michael Cody

His clients achieved an average revenue increase of 786% in the first 12-months of coaching.

Simon Meadows

More than 80% of his clients have achieved increases of 300% in revenue and profit within the first 18 months of coaching.

John Nieuwenburg | New Personal Best Month Of $50,000

Since 2004, John has coached more than 230 privately and family owned businesses in Canada, the U.S., Australia, and the UK in the retail, construction, manufacturing and professional services sectors.

Rigoberto Acosta

Named the #1 business coach in the world in 2012. He has 26 years experience as a coach and consultant and pulls in 7-figures (USD) annually.

Who Is Coaches' Coach?

Coaches’ Coach is the world leader in teaching the business of business coaching. We offer the most comprehensive system for learning how to become a business coach and then scale that business for lifestyle and growth. For more than 11 years, Coaches’ Coach has helped thousands of coaches and become one of the most trusted resources in the industry. Our system shows coaches how to acquire and keep high-value business coaching clients. When coaches are ready to scale, our system guides them through recruiting and developing rockstar associate business coaches to run a multi-million dollar business coaching firm and ultimately sell that firm for top dollar if they someday wish to exit the business.

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